I received an email yesterday and a blog comment earlier from a nice person at MyEclipse. That's notable for a couple of reasons. First, that's the first person to actually leave a comment on my blog here. 🙂 That in itself is pretty cool. Second, that contact is entirely consistent with what I've come to… Read More

Philadelphia and Fun with RAD6

Back to Philly this week, doing servlets and JSPs with RAD6.  At least they remembered to install RAD6 this time.  Last week they didn't, and it took four hours to download and install the product.  I might even try running the updater and see what happens. In the meantime, it's Hibernate some more.  I'm going… Read More


This week I've been in Westborough, MA again, teaching a servlets and JSP course. The materials are, shall we say, dated, even though they've been revised to use RAD6. The rest of the time, however, I've been digging into Hibernate. I'll post more later, but I'm going through my list of challenges as I travel… Read More

Ajax (another try)

Since my previous post vanished into the ether, I'll try to regenerate it. Grr again. I spent this week developing Ajax materials for a client. They asked me to put together a half-day of materials, including PowerPoint slides and a lab. This request had a few elements in its favor: I really like this client… Read More