What a way to enter the All Star break…

19 innings and an L.  Papelbon blows the save by giving up a homer with two outs in the 9th.  They score two runs in the 11th, only to give them back in the bottom half of the inning, missing a major baserunning error in the process.  They almost made that double play to get out of it, too.  Ginger and I went out to dinner right after that, dropped off some stuff for Xander (sleeping over at a friend’s house) and even drove around a bit before returning and the game was still going.

I knew when Rudy Seanez came in it was over, but he held together for over two innings before falling apart.  I really can’t expect more than that.

The Yankees lost, too.  We could have picked up a whole game on them.

I guess I have to be happy with how the Sox are playing, but if Foulke, Clement, and Wells are all going to be unavailable indefinitely, we need pitching.  Hopefully Theo has something in the works.

I have to admit that it sure is fun watching the Sox play stellar defense.  I can’t remember that happening in my lifetime.

It would have been nice to win that game, though.  Sigh.

EJB’s in RAD6

This week I’m back in Westborough, MA, teaching EJB’s in RAD6.  EJB’s have a rather nasty learning curve.  Here that’s made worse by the fact that the students only have the previous two training classes as experience.

(This is the same group I taught Intro Java in May and Servlets and JSP’s in June.  The companion group in Philadelphia I’ll see again next week.)

Now that I’ve been spending all this time with Hibernate, entity beans look downright primitive.  I understand that EJB 3.0 completely revises them and makes them very Hibernate-like, but I haven’t had a chance to really dig into that.  Not to mention that most companies I deal with use WebSphere as their app server, which doesn’t even understand J2SE 5, much less Java EE 5.  Some day that will change, I guess.  In the meantime I’ll use JBoss for experimentation.

Last week I downloaded Eclipse 3.2 and ran the update wizard to install all the Callisto plug-ins.  The product took forever to start up.  Then, when I tried to make a simple Hello World servlet, the whole thing crashed for reasons unknown.  I’d hate to think they’ve turned Eclipse into RAD, with all the attendant issues, but we’ll see about that, too.

Speaking of Hibernate, I wish I’d realized earlier how valuable the Hibernate in Action book is.  Since it dealt with Hibernate 2 and the field has moved to at least Hibernate 3, I was afraid the material would be too dated to be useful.  That, as they say, turned out not to be the case.  Many of the answers I need are in there.

Once again, I wish I had the Matrix capability of absorbing an entire book in seconds.  It would be worth the metal plug in the back of my head.  It would even be worth it that it would pretty much put me out of business.  I have about a dozen books I need to grok sooner rather than later, and that would make it all so easy. 🙂

Even though the second edition (now called Java Persistence with Hibernate) is on the way, it won’t be available until November.  I wish it was part of Manning’s early access program, because I could really use it now.  Instead, I just bought the HiA ebook, since I already have the hard copy.  Now I can carry it along wherever I go.

I feel like I’m getting much closer to really understanding Hibernate.  I still have a long way to go, though.