Hibernate issues

Last week I got a chance to use my new Hibernate materials.  Fortunately, since I was there to deal with them, they weren’t the major problem they should have been.  I understand this stuff a lot better now than when I wrote them, which I suppose is what a beta stage is all about. (Or… Read More

Sports on TV

Normally I try to stay away from making comments here that aren’t related to software development, but between the World Series and Monday Night Football, I have to say something.  I’ll keep it short and sweet though. If somebody put Joe Theismann and Tim McCarver in the same booth to do commentary, my picture tube… Read More

New Hibernate version is here

The new Hibernate version, 3.2, is now available. The formal announcement came on 10/16. I haven’t played with it a lot yet, of course, but one thing strikes me right away. If there are significant differences between 3.2 and the 3.1 version I’ve been using for months, I don’t see them. They may have made… Read More

Design Patterns

The class I’m teaching this week and next is a massive, customized combination of Design Patterns, JSTL, JSF, Spring, and Hibernate. It’s going to be an adventure. Today, though, we were digging into patterns. Design patterns has usually been my favorite course to teach. If teaching is all about giving people the ability to do… Read More

Quick thoughts again

Some quick items while I’m working on the Hibernate materials (or is that avoiding working on the Hibernate materials?): My post last week about Steve Yegge’s extended blog entry on “good” vs. “bad” agile development was done too quickly.  By that I mean I reacted to an early part of his blog before reading the… Read More