Web Immortality (or, some things never go away)

I didn’t start out as a software instructor, or even in the IT industry at all.  My original career was as a research scientist.  My first permanent job was investigating the unsteady aerodynamics of axial turbomachines for United Technologies, the parent corporation of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, among other things. I guess it’s okay… Read More

Tools vs. Technologies classes

There are two types of training classes… (Okay, mandatory aside: there are two types of people in this world — those who divide people into two categories, and those who don’t. (Variation: there are actually three types of people in this world — those who can count and those who can’t. :))) … classes based on… Read More

Netbeans marketing?

A few days ago I added a post here about my Eclipse frustrations.  Since then I’ve gotten three comments from readers suggesting I move to NetBeans. Now, it’s interesting enough that anybody found this blog at all.  I know I have a few regular readers (I’m reminded of the quote from The Big Chill where… Read More

Some things I’m happy about

I realized I’ve been doing some complaining lately, probably because I’ve been fighting a cold recently and that makes everything harder. (Aside: In almost seven years of full-time training, I’ve never missed a day due to illness. This week I came awfully close to breaking that streak, but pulled it out somehow. Now if my… Read More

I used to like Eclipse

When I first started teaching Java back in 2000, I needed an editor for the students to use. The goal was to have something small and self-contained enough that they didn’t get lost using packages, did a decent job with syntax highlighting, and ideally had an integrated debugger. Code assist was a nice goal, too,… Read More

Hibernate OK; On to EJB3

After a massive crush marked by multiple overnighters inside a small number of days, the Hibernate materials were finally finished. My client is happy with them. Personally, I mostly see flaws at this point, separated by large stretches of “not bad” sections. I think after I get a little distance from them, I’ll feel better… Read More