Brush with (semi-)greatness

This week I’m teaching an XML class in NYC.  It’s actually a basic XML class along with some XML schema training, in order to help the client work with data coming from external sources.  I’ll know more when the class starts tomorrow, but I expect to work with fairly sophisticated schemas. Since the class is… Read More

The SOA bandwagon

Just a quick post this morning from sunny Dover, Delaware. I’m doing an XML class this week with a brief introduction to web services. Web services is hot, but mostly because the buzzwords “service oriented architecture” is hot. I can understand the motivation: high level IT executives see all these systems they’ve spent so many… Read More

Focusing on what’s important

At the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference I attended last week, I managed to talk to a couple of the presenters and quietly ask about the rates they charge. That’s always a dicey subject, of course, but it’s very hard to get good information about that.  Software trainers don’t have a union, or anything like… Read More

Persistence providers are not all alike

At the NFJS conference I attended over the weekend, I wound up going to two session by Mark Richards.  His topic was the JPA specification as part of the overall EJB3 spec. As I’ve mentioned here, I’m quite interested in that.  Will and I just finished an introductory EJB3 course for Capstone where I wrote… Read More

Playing Games with Martin Fowler

It’s been a very busy week.  Will Provost (owner of Capstone Courseware) and I just finished putting together a two-day Introduction to EJB 3.0 course, which took a lot of work, especially because I was teaching a Spring class at the time.  That meant late nights and challenges for both of us.  I think we… Read More

Silly Mr. Holland’s Opus question

I recently lucked into another showing of Mr. Holland’s Opus on cable.  That movie arguably changed my life and played a major role in my choice of career, but that’s a story for another day. There’s one question that has always bothered me about that movie, though.  I thought I’d ask it here, even though… Read More