Silly Mr. Holland’s Opus question

I recently lucked into another showing of Mr. Holland’s Opus on cable.  That movie arguably changed my life and played a major role in my choice of career, but that’s a story for another day.

There’s one question that has always bothered me about that movie, though.  I thought I’d ask it here, even though the only result of doing so is likely to be just the opportunity to vent my frustration.  I’ve looked online for the answer and never found it.

** Spoiler alert **

At the end of the movie, when everyone comes back for the celebration in the auditorium, we see many of Mr. Holland’s former students.  The most prominent one is, of course, Gertrude Lang who he taught to “play the sunset” and eventually became governor.

My question is, whatever happened to Rowena?  There was foreshadowing about her all over the place.  She got on the bus to New York to become a singer.  Mr. Holland himself said that one day we’d all say we knew her when.

So what happened?  Did she make it?  Did she become successful?  Was she unavailable at the end because she was in a show somewhere?  Or did something dark and terrible happen to her?

I’ve always wanted to know.  If anyone here knows, please tell me.