SOAP Web Services chapter added to MEAP

I just added a new chapter discussing Groovy and SOAP-based web services to the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) version of Making Java Groovy. I prepared a decent introduction for the MEAP subscribers, which I thought I would share here: “Though they’ve fallen out of favor recently, SOAP-based web services provide a perfect opportunity for… Read More

Testing Groovy Scripts

I often start Groovy development with scripts rather than classes. Scripts are quick and easy, both to write and to run, and the feeling of having only a few lines of code makes me more willing to experiment. Most of my scripts eventually turn into classes, but once in a while, either for convenience or… Read More

Groovy Groundhogs (again)

Last year on Groundhog Day I posted a short Groovy script about the consequences of the groundhog seeing his shadow. I wasn’t going to do it again, but then I thought about the movie and realized I had to. Here’s the script, which I’ll explain afterwards. [sourcecode language=”groovy”] println ‘Groundhog sees shadow –> 6 more… Read More