Hello from Jacksonville, FL

This week it's "Practical Core Java" in Jacksonville, FL.  I'm a sub to a sub to a sub again, but that's okay.  The class is taking place at a New Horizons site in Jax.  That's great, though, because I don't have any serious firewall issues to worry about and I automatically have admin access to the machines.

This a private class for a group of mainframe programmers.  There's another Java class going on in the same building for J2EE development with WebSphere.  That might be more fun, but, given WSAD, maybe not.  I'm sure after my next month or so I'll have had all the WebSphere stuff I can take.

I really had a great trip, though, which is not something I normally say.  It turns out that US Airways opened up a "club" at Bradley (BDL, my home airport), which rocks.  Also, I was able to upgrade both of my flights (to Charlotte, and from there to Jacksonville) to first class for $50 each.  I love doing that.  Then I had my first Avis preferred pass through the line (got to go to the front and everything) and made it to the hotel, which was easy because I'd already checked in online.  I wish every trip was this pleasant.

Another benefit is I'll get to see CJ Masters again.  She runs Incepture down here.  I taught my first class as Kousen IT, Inc at Incepture, which was fun, and she and I hit it off immediately.  Ironically, she recently contacted me about teaching an Intro Java class here this week.  How sad that I was already scheduled to teach an Intro Java class in Jax the same week.  Maybe next time.

Heck, if the travel is this easy, I wouldn't mind coming down here once a month or so.  Hello, frequent flyer miles!

On the down side, they installed the old software again.  I brought Java 5 and Eclipse 3.1.2, though, and we'll install it together.

About Ken Kousen
I teach software development training courses. I specialize in all areas of Java and XML, from EJB3 to web services to open source projects like Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, and Grails. Find me on Google+ I am the author of "Making Java Groovy", a Java / Groovy integration book published by Manning in the Fall of 2013, and "Gradle Recipes for Android", published by O'Reilly in 2015.

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