Seminar day at RAH

Saturday (4/22) was Student Conference Day at Rensselaer at Hartford (RAH).  That's always an enjoyable, if long, day for me.  I supervised nine student papers this year, which is a lot.  Every year I threaten not to do it again, and so far every year I keep doing it.

(Ack. Ignore the link — it's to last year's Student Conference. Sigh.)

The papers were interesting, though.  Students are drawn to "compare and contrast" papers like a magnet, but a friend of mine pointed out that there really aren't that many other options available.  So this year I had compare and contrast papers on Struts vs Spring (which can be used together, of course), Hibernate vs Spring JDBC vs roll your own DAO layer, Framework A vs Framework B (where A and B are Struts, JSF, WebWork, RoR, …), and more.

Still, everyone did a good job.  It's quite low pressure, especially when the presentation is done. 🙂

I guess you could say a good time was had by all.

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