Seminar day at RAH

Saturday (4/22) was Student Conference Day at Rensselaer at Hartford (RAH).  That's always an enjoyable, if long, day for me.  I supervised nine student papers this year, which is a lot.  Every year I threaten not to do it again, and so far every year I keep doing it.

(Ack. Ignore the link — it's to last year's Student Conference. Sigh.)

The papers were interesting, though.  Students are drawn to "compare and contrast" papers like a magnet, but a friend of mine pointed out that there really aren't that many other options available.  So this year I had compare and contrast papers on Struts vs Spring (which can be used together, of course), Hibernate vs Spring JDBC vs roll your own DAO layer, Framework A vs Framework B (where A and B are Struts, JSF, WebWork, RoR, …), and more.

Still, everyone did a good job.  It's quite low pressure, especially when the presentation is done. 🙂

I guess you could say a good time was had by all.

By Ken Kousen

I am a Java Champion and the author of the books "Kotlin Cookbook", (O'Reilly Media), "Modern Java Recipes" (O'Reilly Media), "Gradle Recipes for Android" (O'Reilly Media), and "Making Java Groovy" (Manning), as well as over a dozen video courses at Safari Books Online. I'm a regular member of the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference tour and have given talks all over the world. Through my company, Kousen IT, Inc, I've taught training courses to and worked with thousands of developers.

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