EJB’s in RAD6 in Columbus, OH

This week I'm in Columbus, Ohio, teaching a five-day EJB class in RAD6.  As I learned last week, IBM would prefer I call the product IRAD, meaning IBM Rational Application Developer.  That's going to be a tough transition, assuming I try to do it at all.

The students this time are from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation.  Their Java background is rather mixed — I've got a couple of relative rookies and a couple of ringers.  We should be okay, though.  The Trivera materials are pretty explicit regarding lab instructions.

Even though my enablement class last week wasn't concerned with EJB's, I'm glad I had it.  We'll be using a Cloudscape database again and I'm glad I've recently been reminded about how to use the Data perspective.  Of course, when I re-installed RAD6 on my laptop, it threw an exception when I tried to go to the data perspective. 🙁

Technology-wise I'm heavy into Hibernate these days.  Soon I'm going to begin the courseware development project with Will Provost at Capstone Courseware and I need to learn as much as I can as quickly as possible.  It'll help, though, that I plan to do some of this stuff in my Rensselaer class, too.

On the plane I also got a cute idea about a database of superheroes, with superpowers, names, max_emergency_level, and teams, who fight supervillians, handle emergencies, and so on.  It's silly, but I'm looking forward to creating a database that includes not only X-men, but also PowerPuff Girls and even Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 🙂

By Ken Kousen

I am a Java Champion and the author of the books "Kotlin Cookbook", (O'Reilly Media), "Modern Java Recipes" (O'Reilly Media), "Gradle Recipes for Android" (O'Reilly Media), and "Making Java Groovy" (Manning), as well as over a dozen video courses at Safari Books Online. I'm a regular member of the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference tour and have given talks all over the world. Through my company, Kousen IT, Inc, I've taught training courses to and worked with thousands of developers.

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