EJB’s in RAD6 in Columbus, OH

This week I'm in Columbus, Ohio, teaching a five-day EJB class in RAD6.  As I learned last week, IBM would prefer I call the product IRAD, meaning IBM Rational Application Developer.  That's going to be a tough transition, assuming I try to do it at all.

The students this time are from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation.  Their Java background is rather mixed — I've got a couple of relative rookies and a couple of ringers.  We should be okay, though.  The Trivera materials are pretty explicit regarding lab instructions.

Even though my enablement class last week wasn't concerned with EJB's, I'm glad I had it.  We'll be using a Cloudscape database again and I'm glad I've recently been reminded about how to use the Data perspective.  Of course, when I re-installed RAD6 on my laptop, it threw an exception when I tried to go to the data perspective. 🙁

Technology-wise I'm heavy into Hibernate these days.  Soon I'm going to begin the courseware development project with Will Provost at Capstone Courseware and I need to learn as much as I can as quickly as possible.  It'll help, though, that I plan to do some of this stuff in my Rensselaer class, too.

On the plane I also got a cute idea about a database of superheroes, with superpowers, names, max_emergency_level, and teams, who fight supervillians, handle emergencies, and so on.  It's silly, but I'm looking forward to creating a database that includes not only X-men, but also PowerPuff Girls and even Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 🙂

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