Turning Java enums into Groovy ranges

It turns out that it’s easy to turn a Java enum into a type that can be used in a Groovy range. Consider a simple enum representing the seasons: public enum Season { WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER FALL } Since enums implement the Comparable interface, they have a compareTo() method. Despite that, however, you can’t use… Read More

Nothing makes you want Groovy more than XML

I’m in Delaware this week teaching a course in Java Web Services using RAD7. The materials include a chapter on basic XML parsing using Java. An exercise at the end of the chapter presented the students with a trivial XML file, similar to: <library> <book isbn=”1932394842″> <title>Groovy in Action</title> <author>Dierk Koenig</author> </book> <book isbn=”1590597583″> <title>Definitive… Read More