Groovy Podcast, S06E01, ep. 86, hosted by Ken Kousen and Sergio del Amo News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Topics include the release of Groovy 4.0 and Micronaut 3.3.0, as well as discussions of recent blog posts, the move to Java 17, working with Spock, and people on the move. Show notes at

Groovy Podcast episode 85 (S05E05) with Sergio del Amo and Guillaume Laforge News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, hosted by Ken Kousen, Sergio del Amo, and Guillaume Laforge. We talked about the new Micronaut AOT module (7ms startup time!), the latest Grails 5.1 release, dealing with the log4J CVE problems, and a tribute to Stéphane Maldini, who left us all too soon.  … Read More

Groovy Podcast, S05E03, with Paul King News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, with Paul King, the head of the Groovy project! Topics include the upcoming Groovy 4 release, the IDE situation for Groovy, the recent Grails 5 release, the recent ApacheCon at Home conference, and more.   Show notes at 

Groovy/Grails – Pivotal == Opportunity

The news broke this morning that Pivotal plans to withdraw its financial support from the Groovy and Grails projects by the end of March, 2015. The heads of both projects, Guillaume Laforge and Graeme Rocher, have each blogged about it, with their typical grace, thanking Pivotal for the opportunity and assuring everybody that both projects… Read More

Using a codec in a Grails unit test

This is a small issue, but I encountered it and found a solution on the mailing lists, so I thought I’d document it here. I was demonstrating a trivial Grails application in class today and decided to unit test it. The app has a single controller, called WelcomeController: [sourcecode language=”groovy”] class WelcomeController { def index… Read More

Humor lost on Grails Podcast

During the last Grails Podcast, Glen and Sven mentioned how they’d received feedback from me on the previous podcast, part two of their interview with Scott Davis. Instead of reading my feedback verbatim, they made the (possibly wise) decision to just summarize it. The only problem I have with their decision is that I went… Read More