Groovy/Grails – Pivotal == Opportunity

The news broke this morning that Pivotal plans to withdraw its financial support from the Groovy and Grails projects by the end of March, 2015. The heads of both projects, Guillaume Laforge and Graeme Rocher, have each blogged about it, with their typical grace, thanking Pivotal for the opportunity and assuring everybody that both projects… Read More

Using a codec in a Grails unit test

This is a small issue, but I encountered it and found a solution on the mailing lists, so I thought I’d document it here. I was demonstrating a trivial Grails application in class today and decided to unit test it. The app has a single controller, called WelcomeController: [sourcecode language=”groovy”] class WelcomeController { def index… Read More

Humor lost on Grails Podcast

During the last Grails Podcast, Glen and Sven mentioned how they’d received feedback from me on the previous podcast, part two of their interview with Scott Davis. Instead of reading my feedback verbatim, they made the (possibly wise) decision to just summarize it. The only problem I have with their decision is that I went… Read More

Star rating in the Grails RichUI plugin

I’ve been working on a Grails application for rating the popularity of Grails plugins.  Rather than just use a simple form with radio buttons or a drop-down list, I thought I’d use the star rating component of the RichUI plugin. The initial set-up is easy enough.  First, install the RichUI plugin. grails install-plugin richui then… Read More

Getting a list of Grails plugins programmatically

In September, I’m very happy to be giving a couple of presentations at the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference in the Boston area.  One of my presentations is a review of the various available Grails plugins.  To prepare for that, I thought I’d create a Grails application that acted as a survey, so people could… Read More

Silly GORM tricks, part III: SQL keywords as attributes

I was writing a very simple Grails application and ran into a problem when I accidentally used a SQL keyword as a property name. This post documents what happened, and how I (pretty easily) fixed it. To illustrate the issue, consider a trivial Grails application called “messaging” with a single class called Message. class Message… Read More