Silly GORM tricks, part I: Lists

In GORM, when one class has a hasMany relationship with another, a java.util.Set is injected into the class. Sometimes, though, I want to use a List instead in order to maintain ordering. The Grails reference documents (see section 5.2.4 specifically) discuss how to do that, but there are other issues that I needed to solve… Read More

A few 2GX notes

Late last night I returned home from the Groovy/Grails Experience (2GX) in Reston, VA.  I met many wonderful people and learned tons of new things, which I’m sure will spawn blog posts over the next few weeks. Just to get started, though, I thought I’d mention a few random observations from the conference. Buy Scott… Read More

Additional comment about GRAILS_HOME

Yesterday I commented on how I needed to change my GRAILS_HOME variable to point to the grails subdirectory of the grails-1.0 distribution. I did a bit more checking and discovered something interesting. I’ve been using the Windows installer for Grails. I like how it also installs links for all the JavaDoc documentation, how it includes… Read More

Grails Home moved in 1.0

Like approximately 15,000 others, I downloaded and installed Grails 1.0 final in the couple of days after it was released. To my great surprise, however, I couldn’t get it to run properly any more, especially in either Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. I couldn’t get either IDE to understand Grails 1.0. I kept trying to set… Read More