Podcast on Pulse in education and training

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a BriefingsDirect podcast about using Pulse in academic and training environments. For those who aren’t aware, Pulse is a product created by Genuitec (the same people who make the MyEclipse IDE) that allows you to manage Eclipse profiles and plugins. I’ve used MyEclipse in my academic courses at Rensselaer at Hartford for several years, so they asked me to be on the podcast.

The other people on the podcast were Michael Cote, an analyst with RedMonk, and Todd Williams, VP of Technology for Genuitec.  The podcast was hosted by Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions.

The podcast itself and a verbatim transcript are now available, and can be found here.

This was my first time being interviewed on a podcast, and it was quite an experience.  I would say that it was an interesting experience, but one of the most obvious things that jumps out at me from reading the transcript is that I use the word “interesting” far too often. 🙂

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