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I’m really happy to have an article in the current issue of GroovyMag, but after it appeared I realized something. When I submitted the article I added several links in the text, thinking that they would still be active in the resulting PDF.

That, as they say, turned out not to be the case. I thought, therefore, that I’d list the actual links here, in case anybody needs them. In my next article I’ll be more careful. 🙂

Some of these I did spell out, but I thought I’d include everything for completeness.

The Spring Framework home page is at, of course. The version 2.5 reference guide is at, and the specific section on dynamic language beans is at .

Neal Ford’s Meme Agora blog is at .

The Wikipedia page on credit default swaps is at . (I hope you enjoyed that gag, too, half as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

The IMDB page for Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life is .

I referred to the Groovy usage pattern “Liquid Heart,” which is discussed in Dierk Koenig’s presentation “7 Groovy usage patterns for Java projects” at . That is a very valuable presentation, which I highly recommend.

The Grails wiki page for grails.spring.BeanBuilder is at . I mentioned in a footnote that I didn’t have anything to do with Graeme suddenly adding namespace support to BeanBuilder, but that might not be true. I asked a question on the Grails dev list about the lack of namespace support back on 1/5. Peter Ledbrook was kind enough to reply right away, but the next day Graeme himself replied, saying,

“I had a brief look, we would have to mock the generation of XML as the Spring namespace stuff is pretty closely tied to XML.”

The next thing I knew, though, namespace support was in there. Maybe I can take a tiny bit of credit after all, though obviously Graeme really deserves it.

The home page for Groovy in Action (GinA) is . Like so many others, I’ve spent many a pleasant evening with GinA. 😉

I mentioned Scott Leberknight’s blog, which is at . His excellent two-part article, entitled “Groovier Spring,” is at .

If none of this makes any sense to you, you might want to purchase the latest issue of GroovyMag. With great contributions by people like Andres Almiray, Glen Smith, Dave Klein and others, the issues just keep getting better. I feel really honored to be included this month.

2 responses to “Links from my GroovyMag article”

  1. Thanks for the article. 🙂

    The linking is something we’re still looking at. Adobe Reader has the links clickable, but some other PDF readers don’t. I think there’s something we need to do to be more explicit in the creation, but have not solved that yet. Apologies for that.

  2. Hey, no prob. I should have noticed it from the drafts. Besides, it gave me an opportunity to add the links here, thus advertising GroovyMag yet again. It’s all good. 🙂

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