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Recently I’ve been writing about Groovy and Grails for my friends at Accelebrate. I do that because:

  1. They’re a great client
  2. They support what I do
  3. They pay me CASH MONEY

The only problem is, whenever I post there, I don’t post here. I thought, therefore, that I’d add some links here to let everyone know what I’ve been writing about on their blog.

  • Calling RESTful services with Groovy is all about using Groovy to invoke Flikr’s API for the reason the Internet was invented: Cat Pictures.
  • That Which We Call A POGO, By Any Other Name, is a historical review of POJOs and POGOs, with Groovy AST transformations, and lots and lots of links to wildly unlikely resources that form the word POGO.
  • Building a Geolocation Web Application with Groovy and Grails was originally entitled, “Where in the World is Steve Heckler?”, but they changed it. In that post, I describe writing a Grails app to display locations on a map. (It helps to know that Steve Heckler is the owner of Accelebrate.) The best part is that I even managed to use pictures of Steve as custom markers on the resulting Google Map. 🙂
  • Kicking AST and Taking Names is all about using Groovy’s abstract syntax tree (AST) transformations to dramatically simplify coding. That sounds dry, but it does have figures that reference CaddyShack, South Park, and even Gladiator, so it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.

So if you’re enjoying any of my posts and you’re wondering why I haven’t been more active here, there you go. And wherever you go — (waits a beat) — there you are.

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