Spring with ChatGPT

Last week I published another video on my YouTube channel. The title is Spring & AI without Spring AI: Chat with GPT. It’s part of my series on integrating the OpenAI services into Java systems without using the experimental Spring AI framework. Nothing against that framework, of course — it’s just very early in the alpha phase for it, and there’s still plenty you can do without it.

For example, Spring 3+ added in the HTTP exchange interfaces. With those interfaces, you can add methods annotated with @GetExchange, @PostExchange, etc, to abstract methods, and Spring will implement them for you. All you need to do is provide a bean that configures a WebClient and arranges for a proxy, and you’re good to go.

In this particular case, my interface looks like:

public interface OpenAIInterface {

    ChatResponse getChatResponse(
                  @RequestBody ChatRequest chatRequest);

The WebClient bean is configured using an HttpServiceProxyFactory, which is mostly boilerplate that is included my @Configuration class called AppConfig.

For the details, see this GitHub repository.

Here’s the actual video:

YouTube video about using Spring to chat with GPT

I hope you find it entertaining. I’m publishing this blog post about it partly to show the new video, and partly because I just enabled my blog to work with the Fediverse. That means if you’re on Mastodon, you can look up my blog’s account there, @kousenit, subscribe to it, and you’ll get every post.

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