Making Java Groovy, the Listicle

[Note: I accidentally published this the first time before it was ready. It’s updated now.] Unlike my previous posts about Making Java Groovy, this post concerns one of my Silly Marketing Ideas (SMI)*. The goal is to break out from the Groovy community and start selling to the larger Java community. Actually, I’m already doing… Read More

Making Java Groovy: ratpack, MongoDB, and Chuck Norris

Before I get to the good parts of this post (the technical content), let me take care of a few marketing issues. First, as I mentioned in my last post, I gave my “Making Java Groovy” presentation at JavaOne last week. If you were there and you haven’t completed your Session Surveys, please do so.… Read More

Making Java Groovy: JavaRanch this week

This week Making Java Groovy is the featured book at JavaRanch, where I’ve been a member for many years. JavaRanch is yet another of Kathy Sierra’s (and Bert Bates’s) contributions to the community, which started out as a certification study site and evolved into an excellent message board. Until StackOverflow came along, it was my… Read More

Gr8 Gr8Conf.US Was Gr8

This week I attended Gr8Conf US in Minneapolis. I did a Groovy workshop for Java developers, gave my Making Java Groovy talk, gave a talk on Grails testing, and even managed to throw in an Advanced Groovy Tips and Tricks talk at the last minute when Guillaume Laforge was unable to travel. (Guillaume said he… Read More