Groovy Weather: A New Groovy Example at

One of the main goals of Making Java Groovy is to show Java developers how much Groovy can make their lives easier. To that end, I just published a blog post (through Manning’s account) over a entitled, Groovy Weather: POGOs, Gson, and Open Weather. The blog post comes with a coupon code for 45%… Read More

Making Java Groovy: A Celebrity (Non-)Endorsement

Several of my book author friends on the No Fluff, Just Stuff tour told me that writing a book would open doors for me. That doesn’t explain, though, why I seem to insist on climbing through windows. I mean, writing Making Java Groovy put me on the NFJS tour, helped me become a speaker at… Read More

Making Java Groovy, the Listicle

[Note: I accidentally published this the first time before it was ready. It’s updated now.] Unlike my previous posts about Making Java Groovy, this post concerns one of my Silly Marketing Ideas (SMI)*. The goal is to break out from the Groovy community and start selling to the larger Java community. Actually, I’m already doing… Read More

Making Java Groovy: ratpack, MongoDB, and Chuck Norris

Before I get to the good parts of this post (the technical content), let me take care of a few marketing issues. First, as I mentioned in my last post, I gave my “Making Java Groovy” presentation at JavaOne last week. If you were there and you haven’t completed your Session Surveys, please do so.… Read More

Making Java Groovy: JavaRanch this week

This week Making Java Groovy is the featured book at JavaRanch, where I’ve been a member for many years. JavaRanch is yet another of Kathy Sierra’s (and Bert Bates’s) contributions to the community, which started out as a certification study site and evolved into an excellent message board. Until StackOverflow came along, it was my… Read More