Making Swing Groovy, Part III: EDT

In this entry in my “Making Swing Groovy” series, I want to talk about threading issues. Specifically, how to work with the Event Dispatch Thread. As a step along the way, let me first respond to a comment made about my first post in this series. Kirill Grouchnikov collects interesting Swing-related links every week. He… Read More

Making Swing Groovy, Part II: Binding

In my previous post in this series, I presented a trivial Echo GUI written in Groovy.  By using SwingBuilder and closures, the code for the GUI was dramatically simplified compared to the Java version.  But Groovy can go beyond that.  In this post, I’ll talk about the bind method and the @Bindable annotation, which help… Read More

Making Swing Groovy, Part I

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to understand how much Groovy improves Swing user interfaces. Like so many Java developers, I rarely write client-side programs. Almost all of my time and effort with Java over at least the last five years has been on the server side, mostly with frameworks like Struts,… Read More