Sox win, and a new version of AWDR

So the Sox pulled out a win against the Yankees, thanks to a seeing eye single by Mark Loretta and a three-run homer by Big Papi. That guy simply rules. I don't think I've seen a hero this lionized in Boston since Larry Bird, though I will admit that Tom Brady can do pretty much anything he wants. 🙂

The best story of the night, however, was that early in the day the Sox got Doug Mirabelli back from San Diego, flew him across the country, and then gave him a police escort to Fenway in time for the game. The announcers said that the police cruiser made it from Logan Airport to Fenway in less than twenty minutes. I don't think anyone who hasn't driven it can really appreciate how impossible that trip was. Frankly, I wouldn't have thought you could get from Logan to Fenway in twenty minutes during rush hour on the night of a Sox/Yankees game even with a helicopter!

On the technical front, Dave Thomas announced that the definitive book on Rails, Agile Web Development with Rails, has just moved to a second edition as a beta book. Despite the fact that this means I'll have to buy it all over again, I couldn't be happier. I've been struggling with both migrations and RJS, and now I'll know the right way to handle them. Rails has changed so much just in the time I've been following it. I really, really needed a revised version of this book.

Of course, that means I'll need to get it autographed again. 🙂

As an update, I did buy the new version, both as a PDF and in hardcopy (which won't be available until the fall). I spent several hours this evening working through parts of the depot application. I downloaded a clean version of RadRails, too, so that I could start from scratch. Things are working better now, except that somehow my migration that was supposed to add data to the database didn't do anything and I don't know why. Also, RadRails seems to have "issues" shutting down the server.

Some days I feel like Rails and Ruby are easy. Others I feel like I'll never know them well enough to teach them. Actually, I tend to experience both extremes on the same day, usually as it gets later and later.

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