Looking forward to 2G X

Saturday my RSS reader brought a message saying that registration was now open for the Groovy/Grails Experience (called 2G Experience on the website, but I like the shorthand 2GX).  Since it’s in the DC area, and I live in CT, I hesitated for a couple of hours.  After all, I’m a one-person company, so even though it’s a legitimate business expense, it’s still coming out of my pocket.

Then I came to my senses.  Graeme Rocher himself is going to be there, and two of my good friends in the community are going to be making presentations, Scott Davis (author of the upcoming best-seller Groovy Recipes) and Jason Rudolph  (author of one of my all-time favorite technical books, Getting Started with Grails).  Even beyond that, the list of presentations looks fantastic.

This conference is SO going to rock.  Like most conferences in the No Fluff, Just Stuff family, attendance is limited, in this case to only 300.  I will be quite interested is seeing how quickly those tickets sell out.  If my assessment of the building momentum behind Groovy and Grails is anywhere near correct, they’ll be gone by the first week in January at the latest.

I remember all the excitement that surrounded the First International Grails conference a couple of years ago.  Groovy and Grails haven’t gotten the same press yet.  But both have been gaining mindshare steadily, and they still feel to me like they’re inevitable.  I’m really glad, too, because they’re so much fun.

I’d buy my ticket now if I were you. 🙂

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