Grails Home moved in 1.0

Like approximately 15,000 others, I downloaded and installed Grails 1.0 final in the couple of days after it was released. To my great surprise, however, I couldn’t get it to run properly any more, especially in either Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. I couldn’t get either IDE to understand Grails 1.0. I kept trying to set the Grails configuration in IDEA to c:\grails-1.0, and it kept saying that that was an invalid Grails directory. My Eclipse installation messed up the entire build path.

For about a week now, I’ve been assuming my IDE problems were related to plugins that hadn’t yet been updated. I kept checking to see if they were going to update any time soon.

That, as they say, turned out not to be the issue.

This evening I finally realized what happened. Between the last release candidate and the final release of 1.0, the directory structure of the installer changed. Now, the real location of GRAILS_HOME is the grails directory underneath the grails installer. In other words, my GRAILS_HOME variable is


whereas before it would have been the grails-1.0 directory itself. Now that I’ve updated that, I’ve been able to get both IDEA and Eclipse to work.

What surprises me is that I can’t find this change documented anywhere. I don’t see it on the Grails wiki, or anywhere in the mailing list archives. Either this is obvious to everyone, or it just hasn’t been recorded anywhere yet.

Thus, this post. Hopefully it’ll help somebody else who might be having the same problem.

(Incidentally, to be strictly correct, I actually set my location to c:\grails-1.0.1\grails. Tonight I updated to the incremental version 1.0.1. :))

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