Go to see Grails, learn about Hibernate

Today I finally got to see the two Grails presentations by Jason Rudolph at No Fluff, Just Stuff. It’s not really an exaggeration to say I decided to attend the conference largely because I knew he’d be there. I like the NFJS conferences, but since I’m a one-person company, the “budget” for the conference comes… Read More

Some No Fluff, Just Stuff observations

I’ve finished two of the three days of the current No Fluff, Just Stuff conference, officially known as the New England Software Symposium.  I’ve got a fair amount to process now, but here are some random observations, in no particular order: If the NFJS people have any say in it, Groovy and Grails are definitely… Read More

Where have I been (my Google Maps Mashup)?

The user interface leaves a lot to be desired, but my Google Maps mashup went live today. If you want to see where I’ve taught courses over the past three years, you can go here and see. All of the data is stored in a very simple database consisting of three tables: Courses, Locations, and… Read More

MyEclipse + JPA + Spring + Hibernate = DAO (mostly)

I just about have my Google Maps mashup working. When it’s deployed, it’ll show markers for each location where I’ve taught a course. Eventually I’ll filter them by year, connect them to home with polylines, and maybe more. As a mashup, it’s not the most interesting application ever written, but it’s given me a good… Read More

The Spring Framework outranks private

I’ve been using the Spring framework for about a year now (or maybe more — it’s amazing how fast time goes by these days). I’ve also been teaching courses in it using Capstone Courseware materials. As is normal with Capstone materials, they tend to skip quickly through the “Hello, World!” version of whatever technology they’re… Read More

When is EJB not Java EE?

The answer is, when it’s and EJB3 plug-in inside JBoss 4. I’ve been playing with the EJB3 spec a lot recently, especially working with the Java Persistence API (JPA) portion for entities. I’ve said it before here, but I’ll say it again — I really like the way it’s put together. (With one exception, of… Read More

Persistence providers are not all alike

At the NFJS conference I attended over the weekend, I wound up going to two session by Mark Richards.  His topic was the JPA specification as part of the overall EJB3 spec. As I’ve mentioned here, I’m quite interested in that.  Will and I just finished an introductory EJB3 course for Capstone where I wrote… Read More

Playing Games with Martin Fowler

It’s been a very busy week.  Will Provost (owner of Capstone Courseware) and I just finished putting together a two-day Introduction to EJB 3.0 course, which took a lot of work, especially because I was teaching a Spring class at the time.  That meant late nights and challenges for both of us.  I think we… Read More